Friday, January 30, 2009

Entry #3 Flash Fiction: Cougar Dennison

"Cougar Dennison"

by Cleda Edson

It was said that Cougar Dennison came into this world screaming with the same sound and intensity of the sandy wind blowing outside the cabin door that blustery March night, 18 years ago, that of a she cat ready to pounce. She had been living up to the name everyday since, in looks and temperament, and Brody was just about ready to take a switch to the seat of his sister's riding breeches. Instead he took a deep breath, stepped back and sat down. As he watched Cougar, in the midst of the stampede of people hired to set up for her birthday party, he let his mind go back to that night. The night he became, at the age of 10, mother to that screaming bundle of energy. Not only was he present for her entrance, but also for the departure of his precious mother.

With both grandmothers gone and both of his parents being only children, having met on the wagon train coming west, and Cougar being the first female born in 4 generations, that only left one little boy to provide the majority of the childcare. Thank GOD for good neighbors, ones with a love for GOD and a talent for passing that love and their childcare knowledge on to others. Sarah Jenkins was like a second mother to them both, but she had her own brood of 10 to look after and of course Pop had to keep the farm going. Considering all the wonders, joys and heartaches and blessings covering the paste 18 years, Cougar had the right to be a little bossy, for you only have your 18th birthday once. "Happy birthday Little Sis."

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