Monday, September 29, 2008

New Contest: Just Two Sentences!

We had no entries for the Fireproof contest - but I hope many of you went to see the movie anyway! It was awesome!

This week, I've very excited and honored to welcome one of my prayer partners as our special guest judge for an incredibly fun contest! A.K. Arenz's fun new book - The Case of the Bouncing Grandma - has just released, and we're celebrating by giving away an autographed copy to this week's winner.

About the Contest:

This week's contest entries will be an anonymous to the judge. Submit your entries to me, and I'll post them anonymously, no comments allowed. A.K. will judge the entries, and let me know the winner - and THEN we'll identify everyone and you can leave comments.

Here's the theme: In no more than two sentences, describe your reaction to someone telling you they'd just seen a foot dangling out of a carpet going into a neighbor's house.

How fun! Submit your entries to me at tracyruckman[at]gmail[dot]com by Friday midnight for your chance to win!

About the Author:

Mother of two grown daughters and grandmother of three, A.K. Arenz has a two year degree in Office Information Systems from Northwest Missouri State University, where she also worked for several years. While with the College of Education, A.K. assisted with the college accreditation both at the national (NCATE) and state (DESE) levels. She’s found this experience and that of being Administrative Assistant to the Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems to be invaluable tools for her writing.

Since reading Walter Farley’s Black Stallion series as a child, A.K. has been creating her own stories. Her earliest publication was in the small, family-owned newspaper where her articles, essays, and poems were frequently included. From this early beginning, she honed her skills through university courses, studying Writer's Digest, how-to books on the craft, and through frequent submissions. In the mid-nineties, her writing earned her a stint with a well-known New York literary agency, and, although it failed to produce the hoped-for results, her determination to press forward eventually led her to Sheaf House.

A.K. has had poetry accepted for inclusion in various anthologies, as well as in the Maryville Daily Forum newspaper. She won an honorable mention and publication in the chapbook Look Who's Writing in Northwest Missouri, had a small article published in Family Safety & Health, and was the creator, editor, and head writer for a nationally registered fanzine.

As a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, A.K. has found the fellowship of both published and non-published members an inspiration. She has been a judge in the ACFW Book of the Year contest since 2005 and participated in judging ACFW’s 2007 Genesis contest for unpublished authors.

She lives in Missouri with her husband and two Himalayan cats.

When "bouncing grandma" Glory Harper sees a foot dangling out of the back of a rolled up carpet movers are carrying into her new neighbors' house, her imagination runs wild. The trouble is nobody believes her suspicions that a murder has been committed--especially the police, who know her all too well as the woman who caused a multi-car pileup while skateboarding with her grandson.

Enter Detective Rick Spencer, a Harrison Ford look-alike. In short order mayhem and romance run amok in this hilarious debut by author A. K. Arenz. A must read for all fans of cozy mysteries!

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