Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New "Your Choice" Contest

Gosh - I let Monday slip by completely without announcing the new contest - I'm so sorry!

This will be another 2-week contest, and this time YOU get to choose the type of entry! You can submit any type of writing (short story, scene, poem, article, essay, song, etc.) up to 2500 words or up to 3 photos. You choose the theme for your piece, and the title. Be sure to include both when you submit your entry to me at tracyruckman [at] gmail [dot] com by Friday, May 2nd. Judging criteria will be looking for THE BEST.

If chosen as the Winner, you will receive a FREE CRITIQUE or A BOOK: critique of ONE chapter (up to 3000 words) OR of a 2-3 page synopsis of your current work in progress, or a book of my choice from my current stack of new releases.

Polish up those entries and start submitting.

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