Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Entry: God Worked it All Out

God Worked it All Out
by Kathleen H. Williams

I had good parents. They always took very good care of us. We had a pretty good life, not much money or a lot of things that some people had but we enjoyed our life.

My parents were known to drink and go out dancing most every weekend but they didn't get a baby sitter, we went wherever they went and for the most part we enjoyed it. I loved music and loved to dance, I danced with my Dad and a very dear friend of ours and I loved every minute of it. Everything went smooth most of the time but there were those times when there would be strife between my parents and it would get ugly and very upsetting to me sometimes but we made it through it. My parents were divorced and remarried several times and one time my mother remarried and I had a step dad which did not work out and I won't go in to any of that.

But there were times when I really wanted our life to be different, more normal I guess and in my mid teenage years we did stay home more and they just drank at home and things were better unless they got into an argument. and then.........

I met my husband in high school and all I wanted was to get married and get away from home, like most kids do. In my junior year my husband and I got engaged and he graduated that year so we talked my parents in to letting us get married and we did. I didn't finish high school, which I still regret, but I had married the guy of my dreams, a good looking musician and what could be better than that since I loved music so much.

Things were pretty good after we got married. He played in a few bands and I enjoyed going to listen to them play, just sitting on the sideline so to speak, but then we had our first son John [then called John T] who also loved music and would sit on the table and play the drums with some drumsticks that the drummer in the band had given him, he was one year old or a little older.

Things were alright but I got tired of going with them and John and I would stay home a lot of the time. Then we had our second son Mike [then called Mikie] and when he was six weeks old I got cabin fever and decided to go to my moms and get her and my second step dad to go where Tommy and the band were playing for a dance.

We had as much fun as you could have with a bunch of drunken people, loud music and three very small children. When we left that night about 1am I was disgusted with the whole situation. We got in the car and headed for home and I just said out loud "this is it for me" and my mother asked me "what are you talking about" and I told her that that was not the life that I wanted for my kids and I would not be dragging them around to those places anymore. She said, "Well that is the way that you kids were raised and you all turned out alright."

I didn't say it out loud because I didn't want to get into an argument with her but I was thinking, yeah right, I have two older brothers who are on their way to being alcoholics, everybody is doing great. And besides that she said that Tommy would never give up playing music because it was in his blood.

But I made that decision that night and I didn't pray or anything really. I just made that decision and God worked it out. I did go with Tommy a few times after that but right after our third son T.C. was born our lives took a turn in a different direction. God worked it all out. He had a plan and it is still being played out.

I didn't want that lifestyle for my kids and I still don't and I hope that they don't want it for their kids. I am claiming Gods word for my children and my grand children. We have a come a long way and I never want to go back.

Submitted by
Kathleen H. Williams


Kathleen said...

Thanks for posting my entry Tracy. I write but I don't consider myself to be a writer, maybe someday though, God is a God of miracles.

Delia Latham said...

Kathleen, I'm so glad God worked it all out for you and your family. That's what He does, isn't it? He's the master fixer-upper! :)

Thank you for your sharing your story with us.