Saturday, March 15, 2008

Winners, Winners, Winners!

We had a record number of entries this week, and I have to admit, you made it difficult to choose which blurbs were best. Since we had so many, I have decided that in addition to the two prize winners, I will also award two honorable mentions - and that means I have to change up the prizes a bit.

The top two winners were going to receive a critique of their synopsis or first chapter, but NOW, instead, they'll receive a critique of their synopsis or first TWO chapters.

The two honorable mentions will receive a critique of their synopsis or first chapter.

Be sure to drop by the winners websites and blogs and congratulate them!

Congratulations to Top Winners:

Gina Conroy, with her back cover blurb for:

Digging Up Death

As television hostess of "Archeology Today," professor Mari Duggins is in line for her dream job as morning show hostess at KTXL. Happily married with three kids, she has everything money can buy. But looks can be deceiving. Underneath her confident fa├žade, Mari harbors secrets that threaten to destroy her career and marriage.

Then Mari's colleague is murdered and her husband is accused of stealing an Egyptian artifact. Compelled to clear her husband's name, Mari digs up dirt on those close to her.

Can Mari uncover the truth before her world caves in? Or will the truth bury her alive?


Beverly Linbo, for her entry:

Fire in My Bones

Betsy O’Brien is reeling from the recent death of her husband, when she learns the adoption of her baby, Emma, is in jeopardy. Rather than face the chance that the baby will be taken from her, she and Emma leave behind their once perfect life and flee.

Fear of discovery haunts her even as she tries to establish a new life, sufferinga profound loss of faith as she confronts betrayal by someone she trusts.

Distraught and desperate, she seeks help from the pastor of the local church and discovers the abundant grace of God.

Congratulations to our Honorable Mentions:

Tyora Moody, with her back cover blurb for:

When Rain Falls

Whatever doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger. CANDACE JOHNSON doesn’t care about being strong, but she would like rest for her weary soul. Frightening nightmares linked to a traumatic event from her childhood has affected her sleep and mental health. She has moved on with her life, but the past insists on walking beside her like an unwanted visitor.

When a close friend is murdered, Candace is determined to seek justice. The only problem. Somebody knows about Candace’s deeply hidden secret. Her quest for justice soon turns into a desperate struggle for her reputation and her life.


L. Nuchell for the back cover blurb for:

The Same Old No-Good So-and-So

After spending sixteen years in and out of jail, Bo Sampson vows to turn his life around and become a ‘real’ father to his five children. His inability to find a decent job and his secret passion for art land him in the middle of his former jail warden’s extramarital trysts. Family reconciliation is put on hold when the warden’s mistress is found beaten and comatose. Bo is the first to admit he’s a thief, but he’d never hurt a woman. Can he clear his name and convince his family, especially his oldest daughter, that he’s not the ‘same old no-good’ Bo?

Congratulations, Winners! Just email your submission for critique to tracyruckman [at] - just be sure to put in the subject line "contest winner" so I'll be sure to see it.

To the rest of the contestants - thanks so much for participating. I was thrilled with all the entries and look forward to reading more about your stories in the coming months.

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