Monday, March 3, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Our special guest judge, Virginia Smith, sent the following announcement:

"I love all three entries! As I read them, I realized I’d made a grave error in selecting a theme for this contest – I’m a sucker for sister stories. How can I possibly choose between these three wonderful essays? Patty Wysong’s relationship with her sister is very much like mine, sassy and fun and deeply understanding of each other. B.J. Hamrick’s statement, “Molly’s been there for me through everything” really struck a chord in me, and I love their ‘crooked’ relationship. And nobody could fail to be moved by Debbie Roome’s tribute to her sister Leanne; my sisters, too, are my ‘biggest fans.’ All three of these lucky women are winners, because they all have awesome sisters. Do you know how wonderful and special that is? I hope you treasure those relationships as much as I treasure mine with my sisters.

I know this is cheating, but I couldn’t pick one. So I picked all three. I will send a copy of my new book, Stuck in the Middle to each of the three ladies who wrote an essay, along with my hearty “THANK YOU!” for sharing your stories and your relationships with me and the readers of Pix-n-Pens."

Tracy here - Congratulations Patty, B.J., and Debbie - please email me your mailing addresses so we can get your prizes to you!

A special thank you to our guest judge this week for a very unique contest. Thanks, Ginny - you are very much appreciated!!!

I'll be announcing the next contest momentarily, so check back a bit later for details.

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