Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ideas For Composition: Framing


For the next few weeks, I'd like to share images all geared towards sparking in you more ideas toward eye-pleasing composition. This week I have chosen framing.

Framing is using a surrounding secondary element to draw the viewer's eye to the main point of focus. It can be created with actual physical props or through creative use of depth of field. Even the reflections in a pond can be framed.

Maternal Scene, Cattle Egret

Picture Framed, Fontana Lake, North Carolina

Spring Reflections


Dew Covered Spiderweb

Framing is a great way to create more eye-pleasing photographs. Think of it as elements to include in the photograph instead of exclude. Exclusion removes everything but the point of focus, but inclusion finds a way to make the objects in the scene all work together.

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