Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creating a Work Space at Home

Making a Comfortable Work Space at Home by Debbie Roome
Many people put off writing as they say they don’t have a desk or enough room. With a bit of creativity, it is possible to make a work space, even if it needs to be set up every day.

Create a Pleasant Working Space
Many writers don’t have the privilege of a private office and use a kitchen table or a corner of a sitting room. This can be personalised by adding a pretty cloth, a vase of flowers, a photo or a certificate. It is worth setting these items up each day as it signals the brain that it’s time to write.

Create Routine where Possible
Making time to write is a necessity or it will never happen. Make a decision to set up your corner each morning and discipline yourself to sit down and write. Working at the same time each day creates regularity and with perseverance, the discipline will become a habit.

Think about Writing in your Space
Think about your current project as you go through the day and write notes and reminders to yourself. Doing this can create expectation for sitting down the next day and making progress on your current project.

Most writers go through periods of frustration but pleasant surroundings, creativity and preparation can keep the words flowing. Make a decision today to set up your own personal work space – and if you already have one, plan what you can do to improve it and make it more conducive to creativity ... and have loads of fun while you're at it!

Debbie Roome works as a freelance writer from her home in New Zealand. Visit her at Debbie Roome or read some of her work at Suite 101, Associated Content and Faithwriters.

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