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Spiritual Simplicity

Reviewed by Phee Paradise

The Rewards of Simplicity
By Pam & Chuck D. Pierce

Living more simply is a concept that appeals to me. Without intending to, I tend to accumulate possessions, responsibilities and relationships. The more I do, the more complicated my life gets. In their book, The Rewards of Simplicity, Pam and Chuck Pierce address some of the spiritual means of simplifying one’s life.

The first half of the book, written by Pam, addresses practical areas of life that can be simplified. These include loving others, rest and recreation and possessions. In the second half of the book, Chuck addresses the causes of anxiety and scriptural ways to overcome it. Their collaboration is unique, with half the book written by each of them. But the book is coherent. They have similar styles; they both use their own stories and a lot of scripture to make their points. They also refer to each other's words, each building on the points the other makes.

The book is substantive, but not too long, and uses a chatty narrative style that draws the reader in. Pam begins with a story about a flood in their house that caused them to live in temporary quarters with very few of their possessions. She also tells stories about how they stopped watching television and movies and how they taught their children to value more than gifts at Christmas. But her stories are merely illustrations of deeper points. She teaches these points using scripture and the writings of other Christians. Her main theme is that simplicity requires faith, focus and function.

Chuck also uses personal stories, but his section is a narrative of his battle against anxiety. Using scripture, he tells how God has taught him to trust Him and overcome stress. As he explains the scriptures, he offers the reader a choice between anxiety and simplicity.

Whether you are looking for help in simplifying your life, or just looking for a good Bible study to help you learn a new attitude about some of life’s stresses, you will find it in The Rewards of Simplicity.

Pros: Easy and personable style with good lessons based on scripture.

Cons: You won’t find specific ways to simplify your life, such as how to clear out closets or eat more healthily.

About the book:
In today's fast-paced and technology-driven times, Christians feel stressed out and overly busy. Many are left longing for simpler days, unaware that these days are within their grasp, made possible by getting rid of spiritual and material clutter.

Respected prophetic leader Chuck D. Pierce and his wife, Pam, remind Christians of the rewards of living simply. Together they weave biblical teaching
with practical tips that will help readers answer questions like these:
How can I...

• clear out unnecessary clutter in my home?
• overcome anxiety?
• rely on God for my sustenance?
• get free from too much technology and/or entertainment?
• preserve a Sabbath rest?
• free myself from the stronghold of materialism?

Sharing their insights to help readers break free of anything that enslaves them, Pam and Chuck empower Christians, both materially and spiritually, to live a clutter-free life.

About the authors:

Pam and Chuck D. Pierce are ordained ministers and have been married for 36 years. Chuck serves as president of Glory of Zion International Ministries in Denton, Texas, and vice president of Global Harvest Ministries in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He coordinates prayer for many major gatherings around the world and has authored and coauthored many books. Pam has ministered within the Body of Christ much of her adult life. She homeschooled their five children and is currently a fourth- and fifth-grade teacher. She maintains the lively Pierce household, which includes four dogs, a cat, two birds, and a lizard.

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