Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dead Reckoning is a GREAT Read

Dead Reckoning by Ronie Kendig
Reviewed by Tracy Ruckman

My wait time for this book was almost as suspenseful as the book itself - I looked forward to the release of this one since the day I heard it sold, and it finally arrived this past weekend!

Ronie Kendig is a prayer partner - prayer WARRIOR - who has worked diligently for this debut release, and although experience has taught me to be cautiously optimistic about first novels, I'm thrilled that I can recommend this book whole-heartedly.

I've always loved stories of international intrigue, and this one didn't disappoint. The characters are real - not perfect, but perfectly heroic. The action left me breathless at times, and the suspense kept me on the edge of my chair. The settings transported me right into the story, and the tiny details made it a reading experience I'll remember. The romance was perfectly woven throughout, and gave us a deliciously satisfying, and unexpected, ending.

About halfway through the book, I realized it had the same flavor, same pacing, same intrigue as a book I read many years ago - Sidney Sheldon's best-selling novel Windmills of the Gods.

So grab a copy of Dead Reckoning and settle in for a GREAT read! And congratulations, Ronie, on an excellent first novel - I can't wait to read the next one!

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Dead Reckoning

Abingdon Press (March 1, 2010)


Ronie Kendig


Ronie has been married since 1990 to a man who can easily be defined in classic terms as a hero. She has four beautiful children. Her eldest daughter is 16 this year, her second daughter will be 13, and her twin boys are 10. After having four children, she finally finished her degree in December 2006. She now has a B.S. in Psychology through Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Getting her degree is a huge triumph for both her and her family--they survived!

This degree has also given her a fabulous perspective on her characters and how to not only make them deeper, stronger, but to make them realistic and know how they'll respond to each situation. Her debut novel, Dead Reckoning released March 2010 from Abingdon Press. And her Discarded Heroes series begins in July from Barbour with the first book entitled Nightshade.


Underwater archeologist Shiloh Blake is consumed with passion for the water and inflamed at the injustices of life. When her first large-scale dig traps her in the middle of an international nuclear arms clash, she flees for her life.

When she spots a man trailing her, the questions are, Who is he? And how is he always one step ahead? Is the man trailing her an enemy or a protector sent by her CIA father?

Reece Jaxon is a former Navy SEAL and now serves his country as a spy. His life is entangled by the beguiling Shiloh Blake as he hunts down the sources to a nuclear dead drop in the Arabian Sea near Mumbai, India. The only way to end this nightmare and prevent a nuclear meltdown is to join forces with Reece. Will Shiloh violate her vow to never become involved in her father's web of intrigue and mystery? Will she reconcile with her past and with him? Will she allow God to help her throught this ordeal of danger, mistrust and uncertainty?

To read the first chapter of Dead Reckoning, click HERE.

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