Monday, March 29, 2010

Need Help with Dialogue?

We have an awesome line-up of WIES Workshops for April - and today (Monday) is the registration deadline for one of them!

Dynamics of Dialogue is a four-week course taught by the incredible Eva Marie Everson.

What are today's readers (and editors!) looking for when they thumb through your book? White space. Simply put, white space is dialogue. Formatted properly, it shows the reader with one glance that this will be a quick, easy, entertaining read. And this is exactly what they are looking for. But dialogue is an area of writing both fiction and nonfiction that screams, "Amateur!" faster than anything else. Editors today are amazed at how little potential writers know about writing dialogue properly and in such a way as to pull a reader into a scene rather than making him want to scream as he runs away!

In this four-week course, allow Eva Marie Everson to show you the dynamics of writing dialogue. From tag lines to staggering tags, from adding action and voice inflection, you will learn it all in a fun, hands-on workshop. By the end of four weeks, writing dialogue will come to you as naturally as ... well ... speaking!

Instructor: Eva Marie Everson

Course Dates: April 5, 2010 - April 30, 2010

Cost: $100

Read what students have to say about this course.

Today is the deadline to register for Dynamics of Dialogue - register here!

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