Friday, October 9, 2009

Love Happens

Reviewed by Phee Paradise
A Promise Kept by Cara C. Putnam

I’ve always believed “The story’s the thing.” A book can have great characters and dialogue, and a thought provoking theme, but if it doesn’t have a good story, I’m not interested. But in A Promise Kept, I connected to something other than the story. It touched my emotions and made me feel the characters’ pain and joy. When I put it down, I had to shake off the feelings and remind myself that in my life, right now, I’m in not grieving or confused, that I’m not an insecure newlywed anymore.

Do you ever just want to read a book about Christian people living Christian lives? Josie and Art are doing that. In their first year of marriage they move to a new town, struggle with a big sorrow and give their love to a needy child. She fights loneliness. He tries to find his place in a new job. They love each other, even when they don’t understand each other. There’s no high adventure or drama in their story. There is a plot, but it’s just about their day to day lives.

That’s the beauty of the book. Life happens to them, just like it does to you and me. And they respond to it as most Christians do. They bring it to the Lord; they recognize when they are willful; they forgive and continue to love.

Reading this book will feel like you’re sharing the lives of your neighbors. Enjoy the friendship.

Pros: Strong Christian characters that draw the reader into their lives with a natural rhythm to the story.

Cons: Some abrupt transitions and confusion surrounding the male character’s job and relationship to his grandfather.

About the Book

Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book? When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is with me. Psalm 56:8-9

Josie begins her newlywed life with excitement and love. Art Wilson is everyt
hing she hoped for in a husband. It seems her prayers have been answered as many dreams come true. But when one dream dies, Josie is not sure her wounded heart will ever heal.

Art Wilso
n adores his bride and can't spend enough time with her. But he never anticipated how challenging marriage could be, especially with the distraction of a new job in a strange city coupled with the arrival of a distant cousin seeking refuge from the bombings in London.

Josie and Art both wonder where God is when one dream dies and another is blessed. Can they keep the promises they made and build a love that will last a lifetime?

Publisher: Heartsong Presents

To read an excerpt from this story click here.

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