Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Things I Love

As I sat down to write this blog, it seemed like I had many items on my list of "most Loved" things. I love words, spelling them, defining them, writing them. I love knowing their etymology, where they came from and how they developed. Words make such marvelous pictures in the mind.

The Bible, John 18:5

John 18:5

I love history, stories of historical events, people from the past, antique furniture, and old buildings. Just wondering about what has been or who has been there fires my imagination.

Second View, Bok Tower in Infrared, Lake Wales, Florida

Second View, Bok Tower in Infrared, Lake Wales, Florida

And obviously, I love photography. Photography is what heals me, what relaxes me. When the hustle and bustle of everyday life begins to drag me down, I know I need only retreat behind my lens. Being behind the lens turns all the distractions around me off. Nature's small, infinite beings become large and amazing, and the large things, frustrations and often my own ineptness to a task, become small again.

The World of Bugs, 5-18-2001

The World of Bugs

My grandfather, who passed away in 2002, had a silly poem he used to quote. When one year my father and mother attended a Valentine's banquet, my father was asked to say something sweet to her. Handed the mike, he did the unthinkable...he quoted it.

Love is a funny thing
Shaped like a lizard
Goes all around your heart
And gobbles at your gizzard

And my mother's reaction? She expected nothing else! To think now, my grandfather has been published, of sorts, makes me smile.

No, probably no one really knows the true interpretation of his poem, but it's the thought that something he said has lasted past his lifetime. It has been passed down to my father, who passed it down to me, and I passed it down to my daughter. It has endured, and I love that.

My Grandfather plowing his fields

My Grandfather


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