Monday, February 2, 2009

Flash Fiction Contest Winner!

We have a winner in the Flash Fiction contest from last week. Our special guest judge Miralee Ferrell sent the following e-mail announcing the winner, and offering comments about each entry. She also wishes to offer a light critique of each entry if any of the participants would like one, so Cleda, Patsy, Kitty, and Mary, if you wish to receive a critique, please e-mail Tracy, and we'll make arrangements.

Now, from Miralee:

It was almost a tie between Cleda and Mary and a very tough choice. I liked both equally well, but there was one thing that pushed me toward Cleda's....she evoked an emotional response while I read hers and I liked the originality of using Cougar as a first name. I would have loved to have seen Mary's a little longer as her writing is quite strong.

Winner: Cleda Edson---Cougar Dennison

Great job on this story. It had a nice emotional touch showing Brody’s feelings and thoughts about his little sister.

Comments on the other entries:

I enjoyed this true account of a teenage girl’s first visit to her grandparent’s ranch and her excitement during the cougar hunt.

Facing the Truth by Kitty Justice
Nice job, especially on the opening. I was able to easily visualize Marlene right down to the way she walked.

In the Nick of Time by Mary M. Alward
Very good action that kept my interest and a realistic depiction of the event.

Tracy here:

A very special thank you to Miralee Ferrell for joining us this week for such a fun contest.

And a special thanks to all the participants - it's been great getting acquainted with all of you, and reading your comments during the week. You're a blessing!

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Cleda said...

Thank you Miralee.... I appreciate so much this opportunity and the comments.... and am really looking forward to reading your book.... it does sound wonderful.... again thanks so much and am looking forward to that critique.... for just about all I've had in my head the past few days are thoughts of Cougar and Brody and the night she was born... Pop and the farm... Sarah Jenkins and her brood.. the wagon train journey west and time that Pop and MaM met... is this how it all begins? a yearning to create a story?...... thanks Tracy..

Mary said...

Congratulations, Cleda. I certainly enjoyed your story and think that Miralee made a terrific choice.

Miralee, thank you for the opportunity to write this flash fiction story. Your comment about my writing being strong made my day. I certainly appreciate it and look forward to the critique.

Tracy, thank you also for the opportunity to participate in the contest. It was a lot of fun and made me put my brain into overdrive.

Blessings for a great week to everyone.


Cleda said...

It was a nice surprise, because I just knew she was going to choose yours.. I too, wish there had been a little bit more, as far as length, to yours. Please let me know if you ever decide to expand the story line.... I'll be looking for "In the Nick of Time".... just what had been happening around the ranch to cause all that contention, how long had Luke and Charley been friends, did they grow up together on the ranch or were they just drifters... what's the name of the ranch and where is it located..... thanks for the support Mary.... have a good week...