Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finding My Place

I was reading an online debate today between a group of nature photographers. And while the subject of the debate isn't really important, I was struck instead by the numbers. Each photographer participating in the debate had their opinion, their way of taking photographs, their methods of processing. Each was so sure of how they felt. Take, for instance, the eternal argument about using RAW or JPEG. How many people have weighed in with their thoughts on that one? And will it ever be resolved? Probably not.

I do have my own thoughts and opinions, along with everyone else. But in amongst the number of everyone else with thoughts and opinions, I often feel rather small. There I stand with my little point-and-shoot, chasing after bugs and butterflies that I often cannot identify. Where do I fit in? What is my place?

Female IO moth, 9-5-2005

Female IO Moth

Colossians 3:12 states, "Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering..." There is something to be said for humbleness, for meekness, and kindness. The "biggest" people are often those with the smallest opinions.

I have met some really great people, people who have found a way to make their life fit in to that of others, those who give of themselves without measure or thought, who would inconvenience themselves to serve another. And when I am feeling small and insignificant in the size of all the debates, arguments, and opinions rotating in the atmosphere, these people are an encouragement to me. By living their lives in an example of humility, by being kind to someone "smaller" than themselves, I am uplifted and reminded of true purpose.

The Simple Things, 10-5-2003

The Simple Things

I want everyone to love photography as much as I do, and I strive each day to communicate through photos and words how beautiful and marvelous the world remains. My true heart's desire is for people to see that spring still comes, flowers still open, and the sun still sets in as many marvelous colors as it has before. Above all, I want to do this by being kind, being humble. I pray someone else can say about me, the things I say about those whose lives have inspired my own.

People at Sunset, Longboat Key, Florida, 7-27-2001

People at Sunset, Longboat Key, Florida

Each of us has such a small corner of the planet to live in, and perhaps my place is to share what I can of my tiny spot in it. Never feel your life is too small to not share it with another. Something you do will affect someone else, but it's how you will be remembered that matters the most.


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