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What are Book Trailers?

Interview with Misty Taggart

We have a guest with us this week. Misty Taggart of Trailer To The Stars shares how she got involved with the fascinating business of creating book trailers. I browsed through some of her work when preparing the interview and I must say she is incredibly skilled at what she does...and I now have a list of books I want to read! Take some time to watch a couple of her trailers and if you have a book due for release, drop her a line.

1) Are book trailers a new concept?

They are not exactly new, however they have really taken off in the past year. Everyone is busy and it's great to have a Video Trailer to truly draw your audience into your book. They have done it forever for, we're doing it for books.

2) Can you explain to us what a book trailer is?

A book trailer is about 60 - 90 minutes in length. It's the most wonderful way to bring your book to life for your readers. Using video clips, still photography, professional Voice Over Talent and music ... your trailer tells the story of your book, whether fiction or non-fiction. It entices the reader to purchase the book. Especially in this time of watching our dollars, it's really important that authors and speakers bring their work alive to their audience. After watching the trailer, we want them to say, "I just have to read that book!"

3) How did you become involved in producing them?

I spend over 20 years in Hollywood as a screenwriter. Since retiring, I have so missed that creative outlet. After being asked by an author friend of mine to make a trailer for her, I found that I love it. It's great fun and a really challenging outlet for my talents. It's amazing how God works. I was praying about feeling so frustrated with my career ... and God sent Andrea Boeshaar. And, here I am today, producing video trailers for some bestselling authors and top speakers. It's wonderful.

4) How do you select the images and text for a book trailer?

I become familiar with the subject and talk with the author and/or speaker. What are they wanting to say? Who is their audience? Then I spend hours searching out just the right photos or video, auditioning the VO talent and choosing the music. Then, it all begins to come together. It's really exciting.

5) Do you create book trailers for fiction, non-fiction or both?

Yes, my trailers are effective marketing tools for both fiction and non-fiction, as well as for promoting speakers. The end result is MORE SALES! MORE BOOKINGS! Publishers also use these trailers to excite their sales force about an author or book. Remember, they are the conduit from author to bookstore to reader.

6) What sort of success rate have authors had with book trailers?

I don't have exact numbers, however, publishers and authors have shared with me that they have seen a jump in sales when the trailers are available. I do a great deal of extra marketing for my clients. I upload their video to all the top sites YouTube, GodTube, ShoutLife, FaceBook,, Amazon ... and email the video to over 4,000 Christian Women on my personal Email list. Yes, they work! And they work really well.

7) What is the most satisfying thing about this line of work?

It always amazes me how exciting it is to hold the book in my hands and then turn that into a living, breathing video. The way my clients feel about their work and the success they see is totally satisfying. It's the reason I do it.

8) Is there a demand for Christian fiction and are Christians viewing book trailers?

Yes! And, Yes! The problem for so many authors is that their books do not get the needed marketing to make them truly visible in today's marketplace. Video Trailers do that for them. It gives them that extra 'buzzzzz' that reaches out the reader. It's really wonderful that my trailers are put up on right on their book page. The video and the BUY BUTTON are right there together. It makes that sale!

9) How do prospective readers access book trailers?

The videos are available on,, to name a few places. Just do a search for Christian book trailer or Christian book video - it will bring up many and you can view the ones that interest you. Also, many authors are finding the videos to be very helpful with book sales when they are doing a signing - many bookstores will run the video for their customers. And don't forget BLOGS! This is a tremendous place to view videos. Many blogs now do Author Interviews. If an author has a video available they will post it on their blog. What a way to enjoy the perks of the Internet. But, first you have to have a professional video trailer! Then hit the web!

10) How can writers contact you if they want to know more about your services?

If an author has a book coming out in 2009 - NOW is the time to book production time at TRAILER TO THE STARS! They do not need to have their book cover. I'm booking now for March 2009 and forward. That's why it's important to talk with me today. You can book your production for anytime in 2009. If they wait until the last moment, they cannot get their trailer when the book is released. So, that is why so many clients book production time in advance.

You can view my video productions at: Trailer to the Stars and also at: God Tube

For more information email Misty.

I will be happy to answer all their questions. Take a look at the many Client Testimonials here: Testimonials

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