Monday, August 6, 2007

Special photo, in honor of Murder by Mushroom

Today, I received the following email from my dear friend Amy, with the accompanying photo. Since we're celebrating this week, I'll be posting a variety "mushroom" content so this is a good start. Thanks, Amy!!!

I am not entering the contest because:

1. I am related to the judge.
2. I already have an autographed copy of Murder by Mushroom.

But I would love for this photo to be posted in honor of Ginny's latest book.

I cross-stiched the picture in the frame many years ago on a brown piece of scrap material, from a pattern that I drew on the material. It was in our camper for years and I just retrieved it a few weeks ago.

I love mushrooms and am eager to see and read all the creative things concerning them on Pix-n-Pens!

Amy Barkman

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