Monday, August 13, 2007

Congratulations to our winners!!

The winners of an autographed copy of MURDER BY MUSHROOM have been chosen:

Winning by default in the submission category: LUCY CAIN with her adorable and silly poem "Murder by Mushroom."

Winning the comment category: Sally Chambers.

We asked Virginia Smith to make the winning announcement of the mushroom naming contest:

"I absolutely love every one of these names! And I'm extremely impressed by the creativity of the entries. You've made me want to go out and buy a whole flock of these little guys, just so I can use each of these inventive names. But I have a confession - my husband does not love the little guys. He says they stare at him from the top of my desk, and he has to turn them to face the wall whenever he's at the computer. He'd probably stage a revolt if I tried to fill the house with them.

So since I have to select a single winner, I choose "Porta, Bella, and Crimini" because not only are they clever, they adhere to the rules of mushroom nomenclature. Plus, if these guys are tempted to act up, their names will serve as reminders that contrary to the mushrooms in Murder by Mushroom, they CAN be sliced, sauteed and enjoyed in a variety of delicious recipes!"

Porta, Bella, and Crimini were submitted by alex et al. Alex, if you'll send me your contact info, we'll send you an autographed copy of MURDER BY MUSHROOM, too!

Woo-hoo! and Congratulations to all of you!!! And thanks for all the great participation - this was fun!

Special thanks to Virginia Smith for her participation and generosity!

We've got another tremendous contest which will be announced later today, so stay tuned!

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