Saturday, June 30, 2007

Entry: Your Choice June 25-29

Only one entry this week, but I'm posting all three of his pictures - THANKS Steve!

We have these lillies in a planter in the back yard on the pool wall. We’ve had them for a few years and have not nurtured them very well but they keep coming back each May. When they bloomed this spring I was just so taken by their beauty I had to photograph them. We had noticed their beauty before but had not taken the time to do anything with them. Maybe my being retired now has something to do with it (hmm, there may be some lessons to be learned here). I actually moved them over by one of the shrubs and set them up on some concrete blocks to keep the weeds in the yard from showing.

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Steve Mackin

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Rachel said...

Great pics Steve...I would have voted for them but didnt see a poll :( --<3 Rachel