Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Contest Entry March 19-23, 2007

Emerald Isle

Photo Submitted by Cecelia Mackin

My interest in reading is mainly historical novels, and in particular Irish history. Ireland is the land of my ancestors, and in 2004 I was able to travel there with my daughter, my sister and my sister's son; we all share a common love of the Irish and their history.

This photo was taken at a particularly beautiful point on the west coast of Ireland. The beauty of the hills in the distance are evocative of all of Ireland's beauty; the shadows and clouds stir a feeling of sadness in what was lost in Ireland's past. This photo is one that I treasure!

Thanks, Cecelia!

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Tracy Ruckman said...

Here are a few of the comments made about Emerald Isle:

* "Excellent, brooding."

" The silhouettes of the people let the viewers imagine themselves standing on that great vista."

* "It draws a viewer in and draws out whatever longing and sadness is in your own heart."

* "Mysterious, intriguing. It would cause me to pick up a book to read the back cover."