Thursday, August 26, 2010

The World of Flowers


Water Drop

Have you ever stopped and watched a flower? Seriously, really watched it?

Each flower holds in its petals a tiny world. I am forever amazed by what I see there. Tiny creatures scramble and scurry across its face, all of them in a hurry to feed on something, whether nectar or some other creature that visits the flower.

Mexican Sunflower

I think it is the interaction I like the most. It is never boring. One day they are aflutter with butterflies, large or small. The next evening they sparkle after the rain. Sometimes a spider draws my eye. I am not really a fan of spiders. But if you take the time to observe them, they are in their own way fascinating.

Lynx Spider

So many times, we just walk around the flowers. We comment on their color or their scent. We admire their form, their contrasts with each other. We delight in spectacular butterflies, drawn to their blossoms. I do the same.

Yet, for me, more wonderful are the tiniest of creatures - bees, wasps, miniscule iridescent flies. Each one aware of its place in the world. Each one going about its life in hum with everything else.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Somehow there is peace in that - the cycle of life and death, constantly moving and changing, all of it circulating around the existence of a flower - a flower I planted there. How wonderful is that?

Unknown Skipper Butterfly

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