Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Writing and Everyday Activities Series Part 3

Sewing and Writing

Sewing is an essential part of life. Without it we wouldn’t have most of the clothing in our wardrobe. Having said that, there are many facets to sewing – just as there are to writing. Have a look at these thoughts to see the parallels.

Using a Pattern
All garments are cut from a pattern and all stories and articles have an outline. A pattern is a template that has been tried and tested and found to be suitable. Our writing needs to follow a basic pattern of introduction, middle and conclusion as well as following the rules of grammar and spelling.

Using Different Materials
Different materials are used for different garments. Thick wools are used for winter jackets and fine silks for underwear. Our choice of words and writing style can convey warmth, humor, sadness and many more feelings.

Using Different Threads
A garment is useless without the thread that binds the pieces together. In our writing, the thread is the message that we weave with our words. It is the underlying strength of a story and the inspirational element that draws it together.

A well-cut, well-sewn garment made from appropriate fabric is a pleasure to behold. In the same way, a piece of writing that follows prescribed writing rules and has a strong message can be a delight to read.

Debbie Roome works as a freelance writer from her home in New Zealand. Visit her at Debbie Roome or read some of her work at Suite 101 , Take Root and Write and Faithwriters.

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