Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Are you a Bonsai Writer

Overcoming Limitations in Writing
Have you ever seen a Bonsai tree? They look just like the real thing except much smaller. They grow in shallow trays and their size is stunted by stem and root pruning and controlled nutrition. If they are a fruit tree, they usually produce a few miniature fruit.

Bonsai trees look cute but I see such loss of potential. They are restricted and forced to stay small and unproductive when they should be offering shade and bucket-loads of fruit in their natural environment.

This got me thinking about writing and life in general. How many of us go through life like a Bonsai – small and stunted, yet with so much potential, hope and ability locked inside us?

What is our Pot

Bonsai trees grow in shallow trays or small pots. These restrict root growth and prevent the tree from getting bigger. Our pot may be a job, negative friends or lack of belief in ourself. The important thing to remember is pots can be broken – all of them – no matter how strong they may seem.

What is our Root System

The roots are the first thing to develop from a seed and without them the tree cannot draw nourishment into its system. If the roots are strong and well developed, they can support a massive tree. We need to root ourselves firmly in God's word and allow Him to bring growth that will break us out of our shallow trays and pots.

How Healthy is our Foliage

The condition of the stems, branches and leaves is connected intimately to the root system. If the tree is drawing water and good minerals from the soil, the foliage will be robust and healthy. In a similar fashion, what are we feeding our minds? Are we actively working on our writing skills and improving our abilities on a daily basis? Do we watch R18 movies or think on God's word and those things that are pure and holy?

How can we Encourage Growth

God has gifted us to write - yet how often we doubt our abilities and confine ourselves to smallness. My goal this year is to break out of self doubt and move in a greater measure into what God has called me to do. I need to break some pots and throw the pieces away lest I'm tempted to glue them back together. How about you?

In closing, I heard a story a few years ago about a woman who bought a house that came with several Bonsai trees on the veranda. She smashed the pots, planted the trees in the garden … and they began to grow. It's never too late with God.

Father, help us break out of small-mindedness this year. Transplant our hearts into good places where we can grow and flourish for Your Kingdom and let us shine as You created us to do. Amen.


Carla Gade said...

That was a great analogy! Thanks!


scw1217 said...

Excellent article!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Wonderful devotional!

Susan :)

Phee Paradise said...

I think I'm a bonsai writer. I'm not committed enough to write regularly. But I have written a children's book and I'm going to submit it to a contest on (Kidlit Contest) and maybe God will use this opportunity to grow me.

Thanks Debbie & Tracey