Thursday, August 7, 2008

Entry #1: White Wolf

This entry comes from Pixel Debbie Roome:

Brian and Tommy make a plan to go out for the day and track down Windwalker as they want to hear more about the legend of the white wolf. They leave a note for their parents saying they have gone for a hike in the woods. As dawn breaks they set off with backpacks and enough food to last the day. Brian is unsure of where Windwalker’s cabin is but eventually the boys stumble across it.

Windwalker tells the boys he knows they have come to hear more about the white wolf. They share a meal as he tells many stories about this ancient legend. As mid-afternoon approaches, Brian says they need to set off on their return journey.

He chooses the wrong path and soon they are lost in a thick forest area. After hours of walking, they are tired and distraught. Brian admits he doesn’t know what to do next so they sit down to have a snack and discuss the options. Night falls and they decide to seek shelter and resume their search the next morning. They find a cave and enter, not realizing it is home to a vicious bear. She corners the boys and after throwing their provisions to her, Brian cries out for the white wolf to save them.

It appears and distracts the bear while they escape. It then leads them through the trees until they hear a search party calling their names. The wolf melts quietly into the midnight darkness.

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max said...

Hi Debbie.

I like your imagination.