Thursday, July 3, 2008

What do you have planned?

Since it's so quiet here on the blog - I'm hoping all of you are going to flood me with entries Saturday morning with photos and essays about your celebrations Friday night - I decided to post our plans for the weekend.

But before I do, a confession. (Yes, we've already determined July must be "Confession Month" because everyone seems to be doing it!) My confession: Each morning, after my Bible study, as I'm trying to wake up and warm up, I visit blogs. It keeps me "in the know" with the publishing industry, and with happenings in the lives of my friends. I am inspired, encouraged, and sometimes tickled so much I have to explain why I'm so hysterical. So today, I'm going to share with you some of this morning's reading:

You must read this thoughtful patriotic post by friend and fellow writer, Virginia Smith. Check it out on FaithChicks!

T. Suzanne Eller's post today - and for the past couple of days - cracked me up.

Over at Mary DeMuth's blog, I'm so enjoying her trip report - she and 12-year-old son Aidan just returned from Ghana. Aidan is working diligently to provide water for one of the villages over there - raising money, making people aware. Their journey - even before they left the U.S. - is tremendous. Inspiring!

There's always fun going on over at Kaye Dacus's blog - and she even has her own resident heckler (waving at Caleb!), so there's great interaction, too!

Boomer Babes Rock is always a happenin' spot, too.

Connie Pombo's blog always transports me somewhere - reading her posts are like a mini-vacation without ever leaving home. I can't explain why - possibly her fresh writing style, or beautiful photography. Or maybe it's her theme - which is my own personal motto - "Living Life Passionately." A treat with every visit.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a writer's conference a couple of hours from home. I got reacquainted with some writers I'd met once before, and made many new friends. One of the conference leaders is Cheryl Wray, and I discovered she has a blog, too.

And you've GOT to check out the giveaways and promotions on Tekeme Studios. They do BEAUTIFUL unique work, and have some GREAT prices for all sorts of graphic design - blogs, Web sites, business products like logos, business cards, postcards, and invitations.

Ok - that's enough blogs for now.

So what are you doing on the 4th?

We're going to see Tim's cousin perform in the Capitol Sounds concert band. They're performing at a river amphitheater, and we'll take in a picnic and watch fireworks after they perform. Since we normally stay home for a quiet celebration, I'm really looking forward to our outing.

As we go through the weekend, do me a favor. Thank a soldier - the freedoms we enjoy - and sometimes take for granted - would not be possible without the sacrifice of so many.

Send in your patriotic thoughts, memories, photos - I'll post them and you'll be registered to win a HUGE box of books at the end of July!

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