Saturday, September 22, 2007


Let the Dream Live
Jonathan Bolton

Life.... Living.... Living a life to live....
What is it that encourages us to pursue our lives?
Is it a choice given?
At any minute life ends unknowing.
Anytime we could make our own ending, while knowing.
Life. What is living?
Does it consist of breathing? A heart beating?
What about machines pumping oxygen, while our insides are bleeding?
Is that living?
Is life considered valuable anymore?
Is life taken for granted?
Too young, too old, never right.
Too many questions, not enough answers.
Just Life.

Is life trying to live a life others expect you to live?
Is life Free? More than freedom being fought with lives?
When are you dead?
Is dead when your heart beats no more,
or when your life seems to break down and love has closed its door.
Is dead equal to death?
When living feeling dead hurts, more pain than death where pain is no more?
Is life, living the way the world lives.
Is life none other than mine, yours, his or hers?

Would you look death in the eyes, without lies, without disguise,
death is too frightening,
close your eyes,
start to cry,
walk away to live your lives.
Live a life you enjoy,
whether young, old, rich or poor.

Reaching for your dreams is only a dream if you give up.
Keep dreaming.
When you’re stuck, look up
to the one that gave us life,
called Christ,
who paid the price
with bleeding stripes,
bringing love, no longer strife.

I'll keep my dreams in sight, and stay alive.

Your life is yours to live - You decide.

Submitted by
Jonathan Bolton

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