Friday, September 21, 2007


In His Time
By Carolyn M. Kenney

Dreams come true in unexpected ways and unforeseen places. What is now my lifelong goal was not even thought of a few years ago. It is amazing how one decision can change a person’s life and instill new vision and objectives. This was the case four years ago when I decided to attend a Bible Study class at my local church. The small class of six people was held every Saturday morning from September to June. It was conducted by a seminarian who had been assigned to our church for two years prior to his ordination.

The classes went along for about six or seven months until one day we were told to “write about what you learned today.” I did as I was told and passed in my short article of four sentences. Much to my surprise, the seminarian told me I should write an article for the church bulletin. After weeks of hesitation, I began what has now become a weekly article titled “Meditation of the Heart.”

About a year after I started writing these articles, the same seminarian told me I should write a book. I hesitated at the suggestion. Many times, I had thought of writing a book, but quickly dismissed the idea. However, as I sat alone later that week in front of my computer, ideas and thoughts for a book slowly and awkwardly began to take shape. The book was based on the four gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Some of the articles which had been printed in the church bulletin developed into chapters of the book.

I thought writing a book was just that - writing. The process of publishing had never entered my mind; I was amazed at all it entailed. Once the book was completed, it was submitted to three publishers and of course was rejected. Due to the fact that I was a new writer, this did not surprise me in the least bit. In fact, I expected these reactions. I was an “unknown” and felt I had to prove myself in my new “career.” In the end, I self-published my book; more were given away than were actually sold. However, the simple fact of having my name on the front cover was enough for me - at the time.

Writing is now a daily passion. Writing weekly articles for my church bulletin is part of my weekly routine. One woman even said, “I thought they were written by a syndicated columnist.” I was deeply honored by her kind remark, but at the same time laughed inwardly at the thought I would be in the same category as any columnist! I have grown to love devotional writing. My dream is to write another book of this type, only this time to see it on bookshelves in stores like Barnes and Noble. I have taken online writing courses. I am a member of online writing sites and study the advice of established authors. There is more to writing than sitting at the computer and typing. One has to edit, publish and market the book. However, God is the one I listen to first. He speaks to my heart and soul as I write His words. In His time, my dream of a second book will come to fulfillment.

Submitted by
Carolyn M. Kenney

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