Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Dream Come True

The Reality of Holding my First Novel by Debbie Roome
This week has been a very special one with the release of my first novel in the UK and the arrival of the New Zealand copies. I thought I’d share a little of its background to encourage those of you who have yet to put pen to paper.

A lifelong Dream
I wrote my first book in a spiral bound notebook at the age of seven and have been writing ever since. I remember floating around our swimming pool at the age of ten and planning what novels I would write when I was “grown up”. That desire remained with me over the years but was always something I would do “one day”.

Making a Decision
After moving to New Zealand from South Africa in 2006, I started concentrating on my writing in earnest. It was a conscious decision to pursue it as a career and the results started flowing in ... and yet the novel was still a dream. I eventually sat myself down and told myself a few home truths. “You’re scared you don’t have the ability to write a full-length book. You keep putting it off and you just need to do it.”

Writing Embracing Change
With my own stern words ringing in my ears, I looked up the guidelines for the Rose & Crown novel-writing competition and started to write. It wasn’t easy and self-doubt nagged me on many occasions. Several times I nearly gave up but the vision birthed in my heart decades ago kept me going. On the competition deadline I submitted my entry and sat back to wait.

The Dream Comes True
Nearly four months later I opened my email at 5:30am to discover I had won first place. The feeling was indescribable as Kevin and I sat in bed and celebrated with cake and coffee. Over a year later, the feeling was just as amazing as I first held a copy of the book in my hands.

For those with a book inside you, I encourage you to let it grow. Feed it, nurture it, care for it and don’t let it stay there too long. When the time is right, set pen to paper and create stories that will touch hearts and change lives. Dreams really do come true.

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