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Evolution, Creation and Murder

Reviewed by Phee Paradise

Deadly Disclosures
By Julie Cave

Christianity under attack seems to be a popular theme among Christian crime writers. Whether an organized conspiracy really exists, it can provide great drama if done right. In Deadly Disclosures, the specific sides are evolutionists and Creation scientists. But is belief in evolution a strong enough motivation for murder?

The book is a tight, well written crime drama, with the creation argument in the background. Two FBI agents search for the murderer of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. New bodies keep popping up during their investigation, all of them people they have questioned. They need to act quickly to stop more deaths, but are frustrated by a lack of evidence. Before long they realize they are looking for a professional killer. Their search is complicated by high level suspects who stonewall them. And it doesn’t help that one of the agents is a depressed alcoholic.

Dinah Harris, the despondent agent, is the main character and most of the story is told from her point of view. We meet her in the depths of her depression when she is contemplating ending her life. The reasons for it are revealed little by little, but the effects escalate through the book. The fascinating thing is that Dinah’s problems and the crime investigation are intertwined and work together to produce a great story. At the end, one is resolved satisfactorily, and the other leaves the door open for a sequel.

Murder mysteries have to be very carefully plotted to be plausible. I want enough clues to make me think I might figure it out, but I want to be surprised by believable, but unexpected twists. Cave has done this well, with the exception of a few minor inconsistencies. The only thing I questioned was the motivation for the murders. It’s a question the FBI agents also asked. Is belief in evolution a strong enough motive for murder? In the end, they received an answer, but I was not completely convinced.

Deadly Disclosures is a great crime drama and it’s exciting to see such a well written book coming from the Christian market.

Pros: Tight plot, well developed characters and a personal problem that makes you care.

Cons: Perhaps a little too much time spent on the science of Creation, although it is explained in terms a lay person can easily understand.

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Deadly Disclosure
New Leaf Publishing Group/Master Books (February 15, 2010)

Julie Cave


Julie first heard a creation science speaker at her church when she was just 15, igniting her interest in creation science and sparking an enthusiasm for defending the Bible’s account of creation. She has obtained a degree in health science, and is currently completing a degree in law. Julie is married with one daughter and lives on the east coast of Australia.


A Suspense-filled mystery which answers an ominous question: How far will some go to silence an influential Christian voice?

Thomas Whitfield, proud Secretary of the Smithsonian and its extensive scientific influence, has disappeared from his office with foul play suspected. Dinah Harris, an FBI agent struggling with alcohol and depression, is seeking answers amidst the fallout of her own personal issues.

Whitfield's body is eventually found, and other people connected to him begin dying as well, ultimately exposing a broader conspiracy connected to Whitfield's recent conversion to Christ and promotion of a biblical worldview in an academic world of financial gain hostile to this concept.

Will Dinah be able to experience the redemptive power of Christ before it's too late? Or will the ominous danger stalking her investigation claim another victim?

To read the first chapter of Deadly Disclosure, click HERE.

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