Monday, May 25, 2009

Need Help Plotting Your Novel?

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PLOT SHOTS: Plotting Your Novel in 12 Easy Snapshots begins June 1st.

Every story needs a beginning, middle, and an end. Careful plotting will lead the reader on a satisfactory, realistic journey through each of those stages, creatively weaving in and out, up and down.

But how do we begin to plot our stories? Is there a magic formula?

There are many ways to “start plotting.” How you begin will depend on your personal preference/style. Some work off an outline. Others use Randy Ingermanson’s “Snowflake Method.” Others use the storyboard method.

In this exciting course by multi-published author Janice Thompson, you will learn to use a 12-step plotter, which focuses on plotting your novel in 12 easy "snapshots."

Janice Thompson (who also writes as Janice Hanna) is the author of over fifty novels and non-fiction books for the Christian market. She loves to work with other writers, sharing from both her journey and her experience. She is particularly enthused about the Plot Shots course because it gives non-plotters an opportunity to lay out their stories in a simple yet creative way.

Visit Janice's Web site.

Courses are taught online, through e-mail. Students learn at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home or office. Classes are small and provide a great opportunity for one-on-one learning, and networking with the instructor and other students.

Instructor: Janice Thompson

Course Dates: June 1, 2009 - July 24, 2009

Cost: $150

Send Tracy an e-mail to register.

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