Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ministry Opportunity - Can You Help?

I receive a monthly e-newsletter from the Heart of God International Ministries. This month, we received a call to help provide 28 bicycles for pastors in India. Last night we received an update, and I got permission from my friend Jan Ross to share the information with all of you, and ask for your help.

From JournEzine:

Currently 28 of our pastors have absolutely no means of transportation. They travel on foot for several miles to attend Bible classes each month. They walk between villages to minister to the tribal villagers several times a week. In fact, they walk wherever they go since there is absolutely no other way available for them to migrate from one place to another.

We have seen pastors injured, kidnapped, terrorized by naxals or wild animals, and worse, as they travel by foot to carry the Gospel to villages who have never heard the name of Jesus. (Yes! There still are people who have never heard!)

We have been challenged to provide 28 pastors with a new bicycle; we have been given a deadline of March 16th to raise the money to provide this special gift to these precious men. All total, we need $1820 to fulfill this request.

One bicycle will cost $65.00 (approximately 3400 INR)
$65 x 28 = $1820

AS IF 03/13/2009,


If we raise the entire amount by March 16th, all other costs associated with transferring the money and purchasing, delivering, and assembling the bicycles in India will be covered. This in itself will save a tremendous amount of money, which will help us continue monthly support of evangelistic outreaches, the Heart of God School of Ministry, Food for Lepers, and more.
Please offer your best gift to help provide a bicycle to each of these pastors. We don't want to beg, but this project is so important to our Indian pastors. We want to show them that God is able to provide for them, to bless them, and to encourage them in their work as Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God.

Please send your check or money order to:

Heart of God International

ATTN: Bikes for Pastors

P. O. Box 248

Willard, OH 444890

Or, if you prefer, please use PayPal to make your donation immediately with a credit card or check.

For your donation of $65 or more, we will make sure the bicycle you purchase is delivered with a personalized gift tag from you, with your message on it. Be sure to tell us what you want written on your gift tag.

Thank you so much for your help to make this request a reality for these MOST deserving men. If we succeed, we will be sure to share pictures with you of the pastors receiving this most valuable gift. We can't think of anything that would bless them any more than to have the means to travel in a safer and swifter manner. It would be an honor to make this dream a reality for the Pastors of Heart of God in India.

Pixels - can you join me in helping provide these bikes? Any amount would be greatly appreciated.


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