Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Contest Theme: Sister Moments

When I discussed this week's theme with our guest judge, I told her SHE had to come up with the theme - and she came up with a FANTASTIC one!! I'm so very excited about this contest, and think you will be, too.

We welcome VIRGINIA SMITH as our special guest judge these next two weeks, in celebration of her latest release, Stuck in the Middle. This tremendous story is the first in a series about three sisters, but that's all I'm going to share for now. We'll be talking more about the book later on in the contest.

For now, here's the theme, direct from Ginny:

Contestants can submit a 500-word essay describing their most memorable Sister moment. If they have no sister, that’s okay – they can describe a moment with a dear friend, a sister of the heart. No sister of the heart? They can submit a prayer request, and I’ll pray that the Lord will send them one! Selecting the winner will be completely based on my subjective opinion. I might not select the most well-written essay. I might just pick one that touches me in a personal way.

And we can encourage them to send pictures of their ‘sister’ along with their essay! Not required, but welcome. I've attached an old snapshot of me with my sister Susie.

So, send in your 500-word essays, with a photo if you wish, and I'll post them as they arrive. Send them to tracyruckman [at]

The winner will receive an autographed copy of Stuck in the Middle - a book you don't want to miss! If you like family stories with heart and humor, this will become one of your favorites! And if you haven't heard - Ginny's giving away a $500 shopping spree!!! So check out her website for all the details!

Deadline for this two week contest is Friday, February 29th. Winner will be announced on Monday, March 3rd.

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angela said...

What a great idea! I really need to read one of Virginia's books. I've heard so many great things about her.